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New enhancements to Ooyala Live bring broadcast reliability to OTT world
Nov 15 2017
There’s little question that live video will be a major part of the future of OTT. Cisco is predicting that live video will grow to 13 percent of all internet video traffic by 2021 (up from just 3 percent in 2016).
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iOS 11 Screen Recording and Video Piracy Concerns
Oct 04 2017
Apple has added a new screen recording feature in iOS11 that makes it easy for users to record a video playing on an iOS device. This feature includes enabling recording of audio and video during playback, no matter what video player you’re using, when not using DRM encryption. 
While this feature has been well received by consumers for its general utility, it has created a lot of concerns and headaches for publishers.
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Syndicate live TV to YouTube with Ooyala Live
Jun 27 2017
If you already stream live video, you know that it’s a highly effective way to build and engage your audiences. By adding social syndication to the mix, you can maximize your investment and put your live video in front of even more viewers.
The Value of Artificial Intelligence for Video
Apr 26 2017
This post originally appeared on Microsoft"s Media & Cable blog
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Ooyala and B Productions Take Fashion Week Online - VIDEO
Oct 24 2013

Fashion Week is where the biggest designers show off their newest collections. Now Ooyala and B Productions are merging high tech and high fashion by taking these runway shows online.

Ooyala and B Productions delivered live and on-demand video from more than 75 runway shows at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Live streaming runway shows isn’t a marketing gimmick anymore. Showing off a new collection online is a key part of many fashion houses' digital business strategies. 

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7 Video Advertising Tips That Will Help You Earn More Money (Video)
Oct 22 2013
How do I make money from my videos online?
How do I optimize my advertising strategies to make more money?
We hear these questions (or some variation of them) a lot here at Ooyala, so we’ve put together a quick list of strategies to consider when you want to make more money from video ads.
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5 Steps To Generating More Earned Video Views (Video)
Oct 16 2013
The amount of video being consumed across all devices is astounding. With so much content available online, how can you cost-effectively attract more viewers while engaging your current audience? 
Ooyala knows the secret. 
The key is optimizing the number of earned views - the views you receive organically versus via paid media. 
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5 Tips to Deliver the Best Video Experience on All Devices
Oct 02 2013

Not only are viewers watching more video on more devices than ever before, they also expect a TV-like experience everywhere, everytime. 

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Ooyala Video Technologies Can Make You More Money Online, And We Have The Data To Prove It
Sep 26 2013
Earlier this year, Ooyala surveyed our customer base in order to get a sense of how our cloud video technologies and industry leading analytics performed “in the wild.” 
The results were astounding, and, frankly, speak for themselves.

Two thirds of surveyed customers saw views increase 30-40 percent

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Ooyala Previews New Mosaic Player, Delivers Up To 5 Video Feeds At Once
Sep 16 2013
Ooyala’s VP of Products, Jonathan Wilner, recently previewed our cross-device mosaic video player to broadcast, studio, and technology executives at the NextTV Summit in San Francisco.
The Future of TV Is Online: Watch Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher on NBC
Aug 16 2013
This week, Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher appeared on NBC’s Press:Here, a broadcast news segment that looks at innovative Silicon Valley businesses. 
Jay appeared alongside Martin Giles from The Economist and Rich Jaroslovksy from Bloomberg to discuss TV trends and the future of broadcast media.