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Mobile scores with Italian football’s Juventus, as it opts to kill its TV channel
Aug 16 2018

Watching video on mobile devices has been one of the consumer trends we’ve been telling you about for a dozen quarters, as the number of plays and length of time watching content has soared.

But live sports and related content likely will probe the true catalyst for mobile video adoption, and some sports teams – and leagues – are launching mobile first initiatives to take advantage of consumers’ – especially the valuable Millennial men demo - migration to mobile devices.

Asia-Pac to see SVOD numbers more than double by 2023
Jul 30 2018

Subscription video on demand (SVOD) is growing on a global scale, nowhere more so than in APAC where users are expected to more than double by 2023 to more than 351 million.

Netflix is expected to be only the fourth largest service in terms of subscribers – at 24 million – behind a trio of Chinese services, Tencent (82 million subscribers), iQiyi (80 million subscribers) and Alibaba subsidiary Youku Tudou (33 million subscribers).

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Despite World Cup slip, YouTube TV sets the bar – on customer service
Jul 17 2018

Swing and a miss. Air ball. Hit the post. A rookie move. Dropped the ball. Pick any of those well-known sports adages that define failure, and you’re dead on the money with a description of YouTube TV’s missed opportunity to shine during the World Cup.

The virtual pay-TV service crashed hard during the see-saw England-Croatia match dropping its stream during the second half of the match for about an hour.

VR 360
VR meeting headwinds in consumer market; can it prevail?
Jul 11 2018

Will Virtual Reality meet the same fate as that other highly touted video technology, 3-D? A new report says consumer interest in VR is waning, at least according to sales-rank data from Amazon.

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Is the rapid growth of OTT in Europe impacting pay-TV?
Jun 26 2018

While European pay-TV operators haven’t seen the same cord cutting trend as in North America, over-the-top video – both subscription based (SVOD) and advertising based (AVOD) – continues to gain traction on the continent.

A new report from Dataxis said the European pay-TV market grew by just 0.3% in Q1 2018 over Q4 2017, the lowest quarter/quarter net adds on record, ending the quarter with 185 million subscribers. Since Q 1 2017, pay-TV has seen its subscriber base grow 3.3%.

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World Cup kicks up live streaming 141% over 2014; how much higher will it go?
Jun 21 2018

Early World Cup matches have seen concurrent streams more than double from the peak match of the 2014 World Cup. QoS specialist Conviva says Iceland’s 1-1 tie with Argentina (and its superstar Lionel Messi) June 16 had a peak concurrent audience of 7.7 million, more than twice the 3.2 million from 2014’s top game. In fact, all the matches played so far have exceeded 2014’s top game.

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Q1 2018 Video Index: Long-form content at home on smartphones
Jun 20 2018

For several quarters we’ve reported in the Global Video Index that long-form (20+ mins.) video increased to over 50% of time watched on every device: connected TVs, tablets, PCs, even smartphones, the smallest screen of all and a bit of a head-scratcher. This quarter, again, long-form made up more than 50% of time watched on every screen. It was the third time in the past five quarters that’s happened. It is no longer an anomaly, it’s a trend.

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Study: More viewers turn to live streaming; mobile key to sports
Jun 19 2018

Two-thirds of consumers in a recent study say they have live streamed content and nearly half say they are live streaming more content today than they did a year ago. Notably, two thirds also said they intend to live stream the World Cup. Surprisingly, nearly half said they would watch a recording of a World Cup game, suggesting that even sports appointment viewing is losing its allure.

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Live streaming, brands to drive video platform growth at CAGR topping 18%
Jun 18 2018

Solid growth is being predicted for the online video platform market, with an expected CAGR exceeding 18% through 2022.

Market research firm Technavio posits that brands and enterprise segments – which represented 35% of the market in 2017 – will continue to be significant contributors to growth.

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Streaming World Cup, US Open show increasing value of sports
Jun 15 2018

What a great week(end) for streaming.

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German SVOD market to double by 2023; sport’s increasing role
Jun 11 2018

Revenue from subscription video on demand (SVOD) services now makes up 74% of the 1.1 billion euro video on demand (VOD) market in Germany, with the VOD market expected to more than double to 2.5 billion euros by 2023, a CAGR of some 14.5%. SVOD’s share is expected to rise to 80%, according to a new report.

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Connected TVs zoom, pay-TV set-tops swoon and Gen Edge looms
Jun 08 2018

The number of connected Smart TVs in the United States has increased more than 300% since 2014, as consumers continue to choose watching streaming video from an SVOD service or from a virtual MVPD as an alternative to traditional pay-TV.