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Spot the Difference: News Production vs. News Workflow
Feb 13 2019
Today the news deadline is a continuous now. It takes powerful workflow automation to meet those every-single-moment deadlines.

Remember when we used to sit down every night to watch the news, or read the paper? If you do, a little reminiscence. If you don’t, a little history! 

Media Production, Creative Agencies
Is your creative agency becoming a media production house?
Jan 31 2019

Creative agencies that used to focus on crafting viral tag lines and 15-second storyboards are increasingly being asked to produce complete video brand stories. The line between creative agency and media production house has blurred, and that means agencies are suddenly getting client calls like these:

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Data: The center of the media industry
Aug 14 2018

The State of the Media Industry 2018 report confirmed: data is the key driver of businesses in media organizations and data-driven video is the way to go.