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Survey: Just 12% committed to keeping traditional pay-TV in U.S.
Jan 29 2019

Just more than one-in-10 people say they intend to keep their cable subscriptions, according to a new survey of Americans who currently have, or have had, cable service.

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AT&T pushing 5G mobile tech to support rapid DirecTV Now expansion
Jan 05 2017

Think AT&T is looking at its DirecTV Now as a complementary service to its satellite-delivered DirecTV service or wired service U-verse TV? Think again.

AT&T at CES this week previewed its 5G wireless technology, and said it would begin testing the tech this year with its DirecTV Now service as a major piece of the delivery matrix.

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Hulu live streaming price to be under $40; adds CBS, CBS Sports to line up
Jan 04 2017

Hulu’s entry into live streaming will launch within the next few months for less than $40/mo., according to Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins, who also announced the service had reached a deal with CBS for its live content to go along with ABC and Fox.

Missing still is NBCUniversal, which, interestingly, is one of Hulu’s owners.

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DirecTV Now is back in the NFL game… sort of
Dec 14 2016

DirecTV Now viewers who signed up for AT&T’s new streaming hoping to watch the NFL on local Fox channels were disappointed last weekend when they discovered the content was blacked out. They may not be much happier this week if they planned to watch a game on their mobile devices.

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Hulu adds Fox, Disney to live line up
Nov 02 2016

Hulu is turning up the heat on, well, everybody, announcing today that it’s signed Disney and Fox to its live streaming service it plans to deploy early next year.

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AT&T’s 100-channel OTT bundle to cost just $35/mo.
Oct 25 2016

Earlier this month, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson hinted that the company’s new streaming service, which is on track to be deployed before the end of the year, would have slim margins and an aggressive pricing structure.

He wasn’t kidding.

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Google finally breaks into Hollywood with CBS deal for its streaming service
Oct 20 2016

Following years of being kept at arms-length by Hollywood studios and broadcasters, Google is one giant step closer to launching its expected Cloud TV service after getting CBS to agree to supply programming. Reports also say that all three of the remaining Big 4 broadcasters getting closer to deals.

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25% of US households that moved in the past year ditched pay TV
Sep 23 2016

Here’s another reason pay-TV operators are looking longingly at virtual MVPDs (V-MVPDs): Fully a quarter of all Americans who moved this past year no longer subscribe to a pay-TV service.

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AT&T: DirecTV Now OTT play will cannibalize traditional pay-TV business
Sep 21 2016

DirecTV Now, AT&T’s soon-to-launch streaming service, is one of the centerpieces of the telco’s mobile-centric strategy that it hopes will turn the company from one that is based on wireline services to one that is far more wireless oriented.

The soon-to-launch service will offer about 100 channels and have a price point that is “very, very aggressive,” CEO Randall Stephenson said during Goldman Sachs' Communacopia conference.

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Virtual MVPDs seen as more disruptive than Netflix, YouTube
Sep 20 2016

PlayStation Vue. Sling TV. Hulu. Amazon. DirecTV. Google. Maybe even an entry from Apple. All are potential players in the virtual MVPD (V-MVPD) market, a market that at least one researcher believes could top 15 million U.S. subscribers by 2020, possibly going higher as technology and consumer experiences improve.