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State of the Broadcast Industry 2019
Jan 16 2019

2018 was a year of significant change in the broadcast industry. There was a surge in M&A activity, an increase in the amount of time consumers spent with SVOD and AVOD content and a significant decline in pay-TV subscribers in North America as viewers changed how they watch TV… OTT jumped into the mainstream. There’s even more change in the cards for 2019.

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Report: Connected viewing increasing across all demographics
Dec 13 2018

U.S. consumers in the 18-34 demo spend nearly 60% of their time watching video and listening to music doing so on connected devices, significantly more than the rest of the population, according to a new study from Nielsen, which also said connected share for all adult Americans was 41%.

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Q2 2018 Video Index: A mobile content gold rush
Oct 31 2018

Consumers continued to watch video on mobile devices at a record pace in Q2, as global starts on smartphones and tablets topped 62% of all video plays, the highest share ever.

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Report: Mobile video mainstreaming with Millennials
Dec 15 2016

More than 20% of U.S. Millennials watch at least three hours of video each week on the smartphones, with nearly 12% saying they watch more than five hours. And, according to a new report, 53% say they watch at least an hour a week.

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North American SVOD subs to top 138M by 2021
Nov 23 2016

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of TV households in the United States are expected to pay for at least one subscription video on-demand service by 2021, with the average subscriber paying for 1.5 services.

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Global OTT revenues seen growing at 14.5% CAGR through 2026
Nov 21 2016

The increasing penetration of smartphones, tablets and high-speed broadband is driving global OTT revenues at an increasing pace, with forecasters expecting it to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% through 2026.

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Online video consumption in APAC nearly matching traditional TV viewing
Nov 21 2016

Consumers in APAC watch more than 1.6 hours of online video content daily, nearly matching the 2.0 hours of traditional TV they consume daily, a new report says.

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UK kids spend more time online than with TV; 41% own smartphones
Nov 16 2016

A new report from British telecom regulator Ofcom says that – for the first time ever – kids are spending more time online than watching television weekly.

The report said five- to 15-year-olds in the past year have increased their Internet time by some 79 minutes to 15 hours a week. Almost all of that time came at the expense of television. Young viewers in the past year spent 72 minutes less time with the television, and now average 13 hours and 36 minutes.

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Mobile video viewing up more than 200 hours since 2010
Nov 03 2016

Over the past four years, watching video on mobile devices has increased by nearly 210 hours annually while viewing on traditional TV sets has fallen by 130 hours, according to a new report. It’s a trend that’s accelerating and helps illustrate why more operators, broadcasters and content owners are ramping up their mobile video initiatives.

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India set to evolve into a massive OTT video market
Oct 24 2016

With more than 300 million Internet users and nearly one billion smartphone users, India is developing into a major market for over-the-top video, especially with nearly one third of the population consisting of consumers in the Millennials and Gen Edge generations.

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UK sees strong growth in programmatic video, mobile ad spend
Sep 14 2016

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of digital display advertising in the United Kingdom will be delivered programmatically, according to a new study from eMarketer.

The research company said it expects brands will spend £2.67 billion ($4.08 billion) on programmatic trading, up 44% from last year.

eMarketer said it expects U.K. digital display ad spending to make up more than three-quarters of the market by 2017.

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Report: 4K consumption to rocket by 2021; 8K ramping up slowly
Aug 15 2016

A new study says 4K OTT services will attract more than 189 million unique users globally by 2021, up from just 2.3 million this year, driven by greater content availability and compatible devices.