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Younger viewers ditch traditional TV; pay TV drops 1.2M subs
Nov 14 2018

That younger consumers are turning away from traditional delivery of TV is no surprise, it’s a trend that has been surfaced before and talked about ad nauseam. It’s something I’ve talked a lot about over the past five years in Ooyala’s Global Video Index, as we saw an increasing migration to mobile devices for consumption of all OTT content, especially live sports, and all the while warning that the generation following Millennials could prove to be even less TV-centric.

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Q2 likely to be miserable as operators brace for big customer losses; OTT anyone?
Jul 24 2017

Could second quarter pay-TV subscriber losses in the United States top 1 million, the highest figure ever? In a word, yes.

The second quarter routinely is a weak one for operators and in the current environment – remember the first quarter saw more than 800,000 subscribers cut the cord, according to Kagan – reaching one million may be an easy task.

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A skinny bundle without sports? Duh
May 25 2017

Skinny bundles from cable operators – and their OTT surrogates like Sling TV – are becoming more common as the companies try to look more attractive to consumers tired of paying for 200-plus channels when they really only watch a dozen or less. Survey after survey has shown that subscribers are hungry for not just a slimmed down offering but also for the subscription savings smaller bundles would engender.

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Is cord cutting over? Far from it, and that’s creating new OTT opportunities
Mar 16 2017

Has cord cutting finally run its course among U.S. operators who have, over the past five years, watched millions of subscribers walk away from traditional pay-TV delivery? Are Millennials – and their following generation, Gen Edge – ready to join Gen X and Baby Boomers in tying themselves to arcane and expensive contracts that deliver bloated tiers of content that they have little interest in watching, let alone paying for?


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Millennials turn back on Esquire Network; NBCUniversal, Hearst look to OTT
Jan 19 2017

Could this be the start of the Great Cable Channel Recession? Maybe. Esquire Network, the joint venture between NBCUniversal and Hearst that began in 2013, today announced that it’s going to the promised land – OTT – later this year.

The channel was the victim of the continued erosion of the pay-TV audience, especially male Millennials, the Esquire Network’s primary audience.

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Report: Mobile video mainstreaming with Millennials
Dec 15 2016

More than 20% of U.S. Millennials watch at least three hours of video each week on the smartphones, with nearly 12% saying they watch more than five hours. And, according to a new report, 53% say they watch at least an hour a week.

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52% of Millennials eager to use 4K/UHD streaming
Nov 22 2016

A new study says U.S. households have an average of eight connected devices, and said a third (32%) of homes have at least one streaming media player connected to the Internet, a modest increase of about 7 million homes over a year ago.

That penetration is likely to increase the number of consumers interested in streaming 4K UHD content, but the large number of connected devices could put a strain on the home network’s ability to handle 4K content delivery.

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41% of customers surveyed said they’ll cut, cancel pay TV in next 12 months
Oct 31 2016

A new report says that more than four-in-10 pay-TV subscribers say they’ll either cut the cord or shave their pay-TV bill by reducing services in the next year, a number that would be downright apocalyptic for the industry.

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Canal+ looks to partnerships, new pricing models, Millennials to drive crucial growth
Oct 14 2016

France’s Canal+ Group wants to double the number of subscribers it has by 2018 and this week previewed  an ambitious plan that includes a new pricing model with “skinny” bundles of content, expanded partnerships, a new set-top box scheduled to deploy next year and a very targeted play to Millennials that features a no-contract offer of any streaming-only package that delivers to PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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9% of Millennials ‘very likely’ to cut pay-TV cord in 2016
Sep 26 2016

Nearly 6% of pay-TV subscribers say they are “very likely” cutting the cord this year, 50% more than were considering it a year ago, according to a study from researcher Frank N. Magid Associates. In its annual Magid Media Futures report, the industry researcher said that among Millennials, a recognized at-risk demographic in the pay-TV industry, that number was a whopping 9%.

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SVOD service aimed at US Hispanics launches; can it succeed?
Sep 14 2016

The booming Hispanic market segment in the United States is an enticing one with which numerous broadcasters have had middling success connecting to. Now, Univision, one of the Top 5 broadcasting networks in the U.S., is planning to partner with Lionsgate on a premium subscription video on-demand service (SVOD) they hope will gain the traction needed to help it dominate the market.

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UK’s Young Millennials eschew TVs for laptops and PCs; still love TV content
Jul 29 2016

Young Millennials (18-24 years old) in the United Kingdom spend the majority of their time watching TV content on PCs and laptops and not on televisions, according to a new report.

The report, GfK’s ViewScape study, showed that the group on average spends 41% of its total video viewing time on computers with TV accounting for 35%.