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What will the OTT market look like in 5 years?
Oct 29 2018

With Netflix gaining so much ground globally, and a growing number of companies trying to get a piece of the pie, what will the OTT market look like in 5 years?

Let's go back in time 5 years to see how much the market has changed since then. In 2013:

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It’s RIP for SSPs: here’s why
Oct 13 2016

This post originally appeared in Exchangewire

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Programmatic video ad trading revenue forecast to near $11B by 2018
Oct 05 2016

Sixty percent of U.S. digital video ad spending likely will occur through programmatic channels this year, an increase of nearly 54% from a year ago, but that number could be significantly larger if more video ad inventory was available.

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Viewers like AVOD… if the (advertising) price is right
Sep 30 2016

We may all believe that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but consumers don’t appear to be quite willing to give up on the notion.

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Programmatic ad revenue seen doubling in APAC’s top markets
Sep 19 2016

Indonesia and Malaysia are among the leaders when it comes to programmatic ad spending growth in the Asia Pacific region, and a new study says APAC’s six largest markets are expected to see a surge in spending over the next several years.

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Think Mid-Rolls: New report
Sep 15 2016
As video advertising continues to soar, and our customers continue to see major success with Ooyala Pulse, we got to thinking: how are viewers engaging with different ad formats and what are the trends to be mindful of and leverage as the boom of video advertising ensues.
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Publishers say smartphone, tablet traffic up last year, worry about ad blocking
Sep 07 2016

Some 60% of publishers in the United Kingdom are expecting the number of programmatic partnerships to rise in 2016, according to a new survey, that also shows 80% of respondents believe monetization of data to be an important part of their business.

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Growing Chinese programmatic market 'unique'
Aug 30 2016

TubeMogul is pushing into the Chinese video market, looking to take advantage of growing programmatic ad tech adoption.

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Brands need to focus more on programmatic for Hispanic viewers
Aug 08 2016

Programmatic ad tech is booming in most of the digital media world, helping brands expand their reach economically by automating the buying and selling o ads, and with less waste as it can help them focus their spending. But, programmatic adoption has lagged among Hispanic media.

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Local TV ad spend moves to programmatic, too
Aug 02 2016

A new report from BIA/Kelsey forecasts that about 2% of the local spot television market (estimated to be worth $21.9 billion) will trade programmatically in 2016, but goes on to say that the market could ramp relatively quickly, if local follows the example set by the national television market.

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Verizon’s buy of Yahoo will fuel growth of new mobile video, ad business
Jul 25 2016

Verizon, the odds-on favorite to buy Yahoo, today finalized the deal, paying $4.83 billion for Yahoo’s Web assets and in the process expanding its digital advertising business.

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Back to the basics: ad creative formats holding back the future of OTT monetization
Jul 21 2016

An edited version of this article first appeared in Exchangewire.