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YouTube adds 4K support for live streaming
Nov 30 2016

There still may be a paucity of content and just a sliver of buy-in among consumers, but YouTube is going all in with 4K/UHD, offering content providers the opportunity to live stream 4K live streams for 360-degree video and standard video.

In a blog post, YouTube said the format will let creators and partners stream high-resolution video, and let viewers enjoy the clearest picture possible when watching a live stream on 4K-supported devices.

Millennials, Connected TVs & Devices, UHD
52% of Millennials eager to use 4K/UHD streaming
Nov 22 2016

A new study says U.S. households have an average of eight connected devices, and said a third (32%) of homes have at least one streaming media player connected to the Internet, a modest increase of about 7 million homes over a year ago.

That penetration is likely to increase the number of consumers interested in streaming 4K UHD content, but the large number of connected devices could put a strain on the home network’s ability to handle 4K content delivery.

Is this the year 4K UHD TV sets finally become mainstream?
Nov 22 2016

A pair of studies forecast a surge in sales for 4K UHD TVs this holiday season as consumers will have more brands, options and screen sizes from which to choose, and as prices continue to fall.

4K UHD television sales are set to grow by 40% Y/Y in the U.S., according to the Consumer Technology Assoc., and account for more than half (56%) of all TV sales during Q4.

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Sky Deutschland 4K broadcasts of Bundesliga set for Oct. 14; killing Sky 3D
Oct 06 2016

Ultra HD is coming to Sky Deutschland’s Sky Sport Bundesliga channel next week (Oct. 14) in time for a live transmission of the Bundesliga game Borussia Dortmund vs. Hertha BSC match.

Research, SVOD, UHD
SVOD revenue in US tops $1.5B in Q2; home entertainment spend up 6%
Aug 08 2016

Revenue from SVOD services in the United States toped $1.50 billion in the second quarter, up from $1.25 billion a year ago, a 21% increase Y/Y, following a first quarter that saw 19% Y/Y growth, a new report said.

UHD, Operators, Content Owners
Report: Operators, content owners all in with 4K/UHD
Jul 26 2016

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of video service providers and three-quarters (73%) of content producers believe that consumers will pay 10% to 30% more for access to 4K/UHD content.

Content, UHD
Amazon Prime ups HDR content availability, promises more; 4K? What 4K?
Jun 28 2016

Don’t have a 4K/UHD TV yet? Not to worry, there’s really not that much content available for it yet, anyway. What there is, is an increasing flow of HDR content, juiced up content that looks more vibrant and feels a bit like you may expect from 4K.

Amazon Prime this week announced it was releasing the second season of its Amazon Original Series, Bosch, along with a number of films in High Dynamic Range (HDR).

UHD, Connected TVs & Devices
4K/UHD set-top market pegged at $3.65B by 2024
Apr 26 2016

New research says the 4K/UHD set-top box market could be a $3.65 billion global market by 2024, driven by increased demand for 4K video content, strong sales of compatible 4K TVs and display devices.

A new report from Grand View Research forecasts that hybrid STB devices will see a CAGR of more than 5% throughout the forecast period, popular with users as they give them access to multiple TV delivery methods including cable, terrestrial, satellite and the Internet.

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Sony Pictures plans April 4 launch for ‘Ultra’ 4K streaming service
Mar 29 2016

Got a hankering for some 4K/UHD video?

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) said it plans to launch its their new 4K streaming service —Ultra — on April 4. The catch? The content will only be available, initially, on Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs with Android TV, and… movies will cost $30 each.

Plans for the 4K digital service were announced originally at CES in January.

785 UHD channels via satellite in 10 years as operators look for edge on OTT services
Mar 29 2016

The increasing popularity and adoption of OTT video services are accelerating the deployment of 4K/UHD channels across the world as pay-TV providers look for a tool to stem subscriber erosion and slipping video revenue. A new report out this week, in fact, forecasts that as many as 785 UHD channels will be carried on satellites by 2025.

4K/UHD SVOD channel ‘Love Nature’ launches in 32 countries
Feb 22 2016

Love Nature, a new direct-to-consumer 4K/UHD SVOD service, is launching in 32 countries, including the U.K., Australia, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Qatar’s Ooredoo takes a big step forward with its fiber-based, 4K Ooredoo tv
Feb 18 2016

Qatar operator Ooredoo (nee Qtel) has launched its new pay-TV service, Ooredoo tv replacing its Mozaic TV, and combining apps, on-demand and live television into a single STB that also includes fiber-delivered 4K/UHD service.

The company said fiber and Wi-Fi are key to delivering the 4K service, the first commercial service of its kind in the region.