The Industry’s Most Advanced Video Analytics

Start with video’s most pressing questions: “Who are my best viewers? How do they watch? Where can we raise eCPMs?” Then dive into deeper dimensions: “Which part of this video do mobile users watch most? What about Australian tablet users? Where are we wasting money on video that isn’t clicking with your viewers?” With Ooyala IQ, you’ll analyze every dimension and then make smart choices in real time, all with an easy-to-use interface.

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Deeper Video Insights with Ooyala IQ

Make smarter programming, distribution, and monetization decisions with Ooyala IQ’s 360-degree view of viewer engagement.

Turn real-time metrics into fast, profitable decisions.

Promote the content that earns you the most.

Find the users who really drive your revenue.

Give viewers the content they want most.

Make smarter choices with up-to-the-minute dashboards.

Learn what works—and what doesn’t.

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