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Ooyala is an innovative, strategic partner. There’s no way we could be doing what we’re doing without Ooyala.

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Digital Media Group, BYU

Earn more from OTT

Earn more from OTT. There’s more complexity than ever in video: new platforms, new formats, new business models, and fierce competition. Ooyala’s flexible solutions combine best of breed content management, playback, live streaming and more. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform delivers an open solution that simplifies and streamlines video publishing. Result: less cost and complexity, more engagement, and maximum revenue.

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Ooyala Flex Media Plataform
Pre-production and Commissioning
Maximize critical investments in content by making better decisions, faster.
Seamlessly integrate existing production systems to optimize critical aspects of the content creation process.
Ingest and Import
Maximize your content library with powerful tools that reliably ingest, enrich and track your video assets.
Unify key workflows and streamline the editing & review process with a powerful content management platform.
Archive, Storage
and Transcoding
Leverage top of the line solutions that optimize the quality, availability and protection of videos assets.
Scheduling and
Maximize reach with flexible tools that will get your content in front of the right audience, at the right time.
Linear and VOD
Playout and Playback
Live or on-demand, ensure your users have a great viewing experience on the platforms that are important to them.
Monetization and
Lead Nurturing
Leverage our full-stack of solutions for monetizing your audience, with ads, subscriptions or transactions, regardless of device.
Data Insights
and Reporting
Make more informed decisions with a powerful suite of analytics that collects data at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Digital Video Playout Solution Modules

Asset Management

Everything you need to organize and manage your video library. ››

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Deliver high-quality, personalized experiences to every device. ››

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Maximize revenue via subscription, PPV, advertising, or all three. ››

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Live & Linear Streaming

Grow your real-time audiences with live events and channels. ››

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Make smarter business decisions with clear, actionable insights. ››

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App Management

Deliver a multi-screen OTT experience quickly without breaking your budget. ››

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Deliver quality video anywhere, anytime

Manage, publish and syndicate your videos painlessly with our easy-to-use extensible platform. Spend less time wrangling your videos and more time creating the content your customers love.

Get the insights you need

Optimize your video operations in all regions and on all channels. Learn everything about your audience and how they watch, then optimize your content and strategies to match.

Launch faster with lower costs

We help you get from ingest to delivery faster than ever. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform brings you best-of-breed OTT applications from Ooyala and third parties.

Bring in more revenue

Turn your content into maximum revenue with minimal hassle. We make it easy to monetize your content via subscriptions, pay-per-view, ads, or all three.

Engage viewers longer

Keep viewers engaged with live channels and events, including live or on demand audio streaming services. Or offer personalized content recommendations that increase ad views and inventory and lower customer churn.

World-class service and support

Ooyala is an OTT pioneer, and our team has hundreds of years of cumulative experience in the field. From consulting to engineering to strategizing for the future, we can help you make the most of your video investment.

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