Optimized Video Solutions

Ooyala harnesses the power of big data to deliver TV-quality online video experiences globally, across every imaginable device. Using our comprehensive suite of software and productized services, our hundreds of world-class customers build more engaged audiences and earn more money from video.

Reach, Measure & Monetize Online Video with Smart Engagement

Data is at the heart of our solutions, delivering insights that enable sustainable, profitable enterprises. Optimize content acquisition and programming decisions, identify high-CPM audience segments, and drive tighter engagement by delivering targeted content to viewers.

Seamless Access to Your Library

Maximize engagement by delivering highly personalized content based on viewer behaviors for both live and on-demand media. Expand your revenues by keeping your viewers watching.

  • video solutions for online content management
    • Upload video on demand via HTTP, FTP or Aspera; or broadcast live][520,50][left
    • Transcode quickly and reliably, backed by the industry’s strongest SLA][625,432][left
    • 200,0
    • 285,344
    • Upload video on demand via HTTP, FTP or Aspera; or broadcast live
    • Convert online videos with our SLA
  • video solutions to categorize online video content
    • Categorize content and corresponding metadata for easy discovery and playback][360,210][left
    • 30,130
    • categorize content for easy video discovery
  • video solutions for content syndication and content protection
    • Protect premium content for secure delivery][630,305][left
    • Syndicate content to drive traffic and broaden your audience][85,150][right
    • 335,100
    • Syndicate and protect your content
  • video solutions to stream live events online
    • Stream live events, over the Internet, Satellite or Fiber][60,120][right
    • 296,39
    • Online live streaming

Effortless TV-Quality Online Video Delivery to All Devices

Premium playback, content protection and performance across any device. Whatever you are showing, and however your customers are viewing, guarantee a TV-quality experience.
View in TV quality on any device, any network
Stream perfectly with Adaptive Bit Rate flexibility
Perfect the art of delivering to mobile and tablets, including Android
Unlock the potential of connected TVs by building apps with Ooyala APIs
Extend your delivery to game consoles, set-top boxes and more
Protect premium content from unauthorized access

Efficient, Effective Video Content Management

Streamline and centralize your workflows with powerful tools from Ooyala, featuring fast transcoding, convenient content management and robust player customization.

  • tools for online video content management
    • Reveal library content to retain viewers longer and enhance monetization][180,-6][left
  • player customization to increase onlinve video views
    • Extend viewing sessions by showing what’s next ][360,70][right
  • increase views of online video content with Ooyala tools
    • Expand views of live content using the virtual DVR][263,510][right

Video Analytics that Maximize Your Return on Video

Ooyala Video Analytics helps you understand the content and viewers driving the highest engagement and best returns, helping you to build a sustainable, profitable video program.

  • video analytics that maximize revenue
    • Categorize your audience for clearer targeting and higher CPMs][310,230][left
    • Tailor your campaigns to your most profitable viewers][560,335][left
    • Serve your audience with the content they most want to see][790,225][left
    • Improve decision making with robust real-time dashboards][235,492][left
    • Focus your investments on the most popular, monetizable content][790,492][left
Turn Digital Dimes into Digital Dollars
The Ooyala Platform helps you identify key audience sectors, and integrates with the leading supply-side ad providers, so you can optimize ad load for optimized revenues and engagement.
Increase CPM with accurate audience assessments and delivery results
Build a sustainable paid service with full-service e-commerce and subscription management
Extend analytics flexibility using APIs to build unique apps
Integrate with the leading ad networks and platforms, including LiveRail, Freewheel and Google.
Optimize ad load for great revenues and great engagement

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Video Solutions and Productized Services

Our deep video experience and proven deployment methodology allow us to deliver rich, highly engaging offerings and unmatched results, at scale, faster than any competitor.
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Rich, integration-friendly platform
  • Modular Platform Framework
  • Highly extensible solutions
  • Customization via per-module APIs
Experienced Team
  • Local and global team support
  • Deep industry experience that leverages best practices
  • Proven track record
Best in class development and deployment methodologies
  • Agile deployment approach reduces time to market
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Hundreds of deployments across multiple use cases and monetization strategies

A Full Suite of Video Solutions

Enterprises leveraging our robust video platform to extend their brand, expand their social footprint, and drive sales
Publishers growing their audiences and turbo-charging their revenues with our solutions to optimize video advertising
Media Companies building secure, sustainable businesses with our TV Everywhere solutions
Large Broadcasters building sustainable competitive advantage in the digital space with our OTT solutions

Companies All Over the World Use Ooyala to Reach Their Online Video Goals Every Day.

Ooyala customers use our video analytics to reach their online video goals

"Ooyala was the best video solution we evaluated in the market."
Michael Leavey, Vice President of Media, Arsenal Broadband Ltd
"The idea we could put in a future-looking solution at a competitive rate was key. We want a partner that is constantly developing."
Vice President of Media, Media & Entertainment Company
"Ooyala has superior analytics."
Chief Information Officer, Media & Entertainment Company
"We use Ooyala Now perpetually and it has enabled us to rapidly grow video views by listening to our audience in real time."
Ricky Sutton, Vice President of Media, Fairfax Corporation
"We were able to sell content to our clients based on the the ability to provide better analytics."
Marketing Director, Media & Entertainment Company

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