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Syndication packaging and security made simple
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

In part 1 of Ooyala’s three-part white paper series, Transform Your Content Supply Chain with Metadata, we began our look at how metadata and advanced technologies are improving processes throughout the content supply chain and elevating consumer experiences and profits.

But the benefits of metadata don’t stop at production.

In part 2, Streamline Syndication Packaging and Security, we explore Content Distribution. That includes a close look at how companies are winning with metadata as they secure and deliver content in all the standards, formats and versions required today.

The task of delivering top-quality content has become a pressure cooker. Companies need to prepare, protect and send content to many platforms now across a multitude of markets, and on much tighter schedules — all without adding more resources. It can cost a lot of time and money to stay ahead of the competition.

The white paper shows how rich metadata can be used to automate syndication packaging and security. It can simplify distribution, streamline workflows and save money for all types of content companies.

The white paper is a must-read if you’re a:

  • Broadcaster distributing shows to affiliates, syndication or OTT
  • Media company, agency, or brand sending video and ads to many outlets
  • Studio delivering feature films to exhibitors and VOD
  • Content aggregator or distributor with compliance and language issues

For more insights, download the white paper.

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