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Ooyala Flex Media Platform debuts features for VR360, HEVC support & more at BroadcastAsia
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

While consumers may be king of the new digital video ecosystem, content remains the coin of the realm. Studios, broadcasters and other distributors and aggregators are hurrying to get original content out to as many endpoints and markets in as short a period of time as possible to better engage consumers and grow subscriber rolls. That original content, of course, includes live sports and one of this year’s hottest trends, VR.

Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform, an open and extensible platform that enables content producers and distributors to more effectively manage, curate, orchestrate, publish, measure and monetize the content supply chain, is continuing to add new tools that will help the industry increase content ROI.

Flex Media Platform’s new capabilities include:

  • Support for live streaming of VR360 content through OoyalaLIVE – Ooyala’s Live streaming application – and VR360 VOD experiences via OoyalaADAPT (for encoding) and OoyalaPLAY – Ooyala’s Video Player.

    Increasingly, distributors are looking to increase engagement and monetization by offering live events – especially sports – in virtual reality, surrounding a user with content no matter which direction they look. The ability to put a viewer in, say, the driver’s seat of a Formula One racecar or in the scrum of a rugby match, is a huge opportunity for content owners and distributors to offer additional premium content to sports fans, helping to reinforce sluggish ad revenues, increase engagement of current fans and even draw new fans. VR360 requires much higher quality streams, but the results can be stunning.

    During the recent Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Ooyala worked with Intel Sports, providing the foundational backend for capturing VR content at sites across South Korea. As the content came in, Ooyala Flex Media Platform tagged it with relevant rights and the relevant metadata so that 12 broadcasting-rights holders could go in and see the content that was relevant to them. If you were streaming the Olympics here in the States through the NBC Sports app, that was coming through Ooyala’s aggregation and distribution process.

    During the ConnectTechAsia Summit, Ooyala will be discussing the roadblocks and opportunities for immersive video and showcasing the VR360 player.

  • Enhanced Live Clipping: building on OoyalaLIVE’s existing capabilities users can now open live streams in OoyalaMAM, Ooyala’s CMS-based asset manager, to clip up VOD assets and highlights during live events, with timed markers and rich metadata. Leveraging the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, It is now easier than ever to automate syndication workflows for VOD assets, orchestrating distribution to multiple platforms with a single button-click, saving manual steps.

    That’s important because as audiences become more fragmented, grazing on content across multiple services and devices, it has become increasingly important to supply content to various social outlets quickly to increase engagement and, hopefully, attract new viewers. With live sports, for example, rapid distribution of highlights to a team’s fans on social outlets, or to audiences of other games, are simple to execute with  Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform.

  • Full support for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) with OoyalaPLAY and OoyalaADAPT (Ooyala’s transcoding stack). HEVC, which also is known as H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2 can reduce bitrate and bandwidth up to 30%, which will be crucial for delivery of ultra-HD – or 4K – content. HEVC also allows distributors to choose whether to reduce bandwidth – and costs.

  • Multiple audio stream delivery in a single player via OoyalaPLAY and OoyalaADAPT, including language tracks, audio commentary or even audio description for the visually impaired.

  • Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) support for Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) with OoyalaLIVE, helping content owners and distributors increase monetization opportunities for companies already subscribing to DFP. SCTE-35 markers are now supported providing frame-accurate and unique, per-user localized frame-accurate ad insertion.

Ooyala will showcase these new features as part of the Ooyala Flex Media Platform on June 26-28 at Broadcast Asia, Singapore, and on July 24 at the MESA Media & Entertainment Day at the Microsoft Tech Center, New York.