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Got NLE? Expand its reach with Ooyala’s solutions
Thursday, November 29, 2018

Gone are the days when video editing was a labor-intensive, isolated job where a “craft editor” would spend hours locked up in an edit suite. Drowning in videotapes (later USB drives) containing hundreds or even thousands of hours of video, the editor's challenge was to tame those rushes into a meaningful story. Locating those 4 seconds of video where the key character threw his arms up in the air was never an easy feat, often requiring someone (a lucky assistant perhaps) to spool through hours of video. 

I’m sure some of you still remember those good ol’ days! 

This scene was dramatically disrupted in the early nineties with the arrival of non-linear editing software tools (NLEs for short), which no longer required the editor to put together their video edit in a linear timeline, but rather allowed them to chop, merge, overlay and extend to their heart’s content. A revolution alike to the moment when typewriters were replaced with computer-based word processors. 

Over the last few decades, non-linear editing has evolved in leaps and bounds. NLEs made it possible to collaborate across teams and geographies, working virtually and editing in the clouds. A wide range of NLEs are available in the market, each with a myriad of creative features and varying levels of required editing expertise. Something that’s not changed, however, is the need to manage and search through hours of content, and give each user access to the video they need. 

Edit - fast!

Video editing can no longer happen in isolation. It is part of a larger content supply chain, which, in today’s competitive media and entertainment landscape, needs to be an efficient, well-oiled machine. Ooyala’s solutions focus on connecting all stages of this supply chain, including integration to market-leading editing tools. 

Creative users who need access to the right content at the right time, from any location, using their Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Avid MediaComposer, can now leverage the Ooyala Flex Media Platform to search easily for content and trigger automated workflows such as approval requests, transcoding, auto-QC, archive or multi-platform distribution. 

A little while back we announced our collaboration with Avid to increase integration and flexibility between the Ooyala Flex Media Platform and Avid solutions. This is great news for the hundreds of companies who use Avid for their production and post-production needs and are looking for ways to expand functionality and integration with other best-of-breed technologies, whether existing or future.

We also provide an intuitive panel extension into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which gives users the power to search quickly through hours of content, then edit and deliver that final story within the comfort of their editing environment. No need to learn how to use complicated asset management tools - it’s all there within the familiar and comfortable NLE toolset.

The Ooyala Panel within Adobe Premiere Pro CC

With the Ooyala Flex Media Platform integrations to NLEs, content creators can automate the way their content is managed, processed and delivered to all their audiences via linear channels or OTT. 

Protect your existing investment

If you're a content creator or distributor with a significant investment in Avid or Adobe Premiere editing tools, you can now lengthen its life cycle with seamless integration into a wider content supply chain. The Ooyala Flex Media platform extends your Avid or Premiere environments so that you can ingest, produce, edit, transfer, deliver and track everything in one unified platform. Workflow orchestration means you can drive every stage of your content supply chain as you bring together the creative tools with third-party systems such as automated quality control, transcoding engines and Artificial Intelligence applications like Microsoft Video Indexer.

Avid MediaComposer or Adobe Premiere? You can have both!

If your hybrid editing environment deploys Adobe Premiere CC alongside your Avid tools, the Ooyala Flex Media Platform will bridge workflows between both worlds:

  • Ingest and edit with Avid, send to Adobe Premiere CC ― and vice versa
  • Search for Avid assets using the Ooyala Panel for Adobe Premiere CC
  • Push edited content from Adobe Premiere to Avid MediaComposer 
  • Exchange media and metadata and track workflows with the Ooyala Dashboard

Want to know more? Contact us and let's talk about how to enhance your existing investments. We’ll be glad to set up an in-depth demo. 

Bea Alonso
Bea Alonso is the Director of Global Product Marketing at Ooyala. She is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and positioning for all Ooyala’s products and solutions, including the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, to ensure they meet the needs of today’s broadcast and media industry. 
With over twenty years of experience in the media and content production industry with technology vendors such as Avid and Grass Valley, Bea joined Ooyala in 2016 to spearhead the media logistics business across the Asia Pacific region. As part of her customer engagements, she has worked with over 100 media companies worldwide such as Fox Sports, HBO, PCCW, Discovery, Turner and the BBC, covering workflow consulting, digital transformation, news, playout, production, post production and multi-platform content distribution. 
Bea is passionate about solutions that increase efficiencies through workflow orchestration, providing visibility into the media production process, and speeding up time to market. In her view, now is the perfect time to harness the tsunami of change that the media and entertainment industry is undergoing, as this presents tremendous business opportunities for technology providers, and content creators and distributors alike. 
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