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Cast a wider audience net with OoyalaPLAY’s multi-audio offerings
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Like most of us these days, you probably have a favorite TV show. A show that makes you want to binge-watch it over and over again. For me that's NBC’s Parks and Recreation, something about the citizens of Pawnee, Indiana has me coming back and re-visiting this odd, yet charming show.

The ability for a fan to get more out of older content on a single platform is something I wish was the standard in the industry, not just a nice to have. For example, I want to hear Park and Rec showrunners Greg Daniels and Michael Schur talk about their favorite parts of the show and introduce little quips about a particular scene. I’d love to satisfy this desire by flipping a switch and listen to Greg and Michael talk about a crucial scene for the development of a character as I am watching the content.

OoyalaPLAY offers TV junkies another excuse to re-watch their favorite content. This excuse comes in the form of the multi-audio feature built right into the platform.

This is done by mixing multiple audio tracks into a single video asset. With the right configuration, OoyalaPLAY will automatically recognize that the stream has multiple audio tracks, and include the ability to switch between the different audio tracks in a new menu icon within the player. For me, naturally, I love listening to commentary type tracks. However, this is not the only possibility for Multi Audio.

The most common utility for multi-audio is offering dubbed audio in different languages for a particular piece of content. Imagine the possibilities: your content in multiple languages will bring you into new markets with even more engaged fans.

Another use for multi-audio allows you to offer new accessibility options, such as audio descriptions for the visually impaired in both VOD and Live content. High-quality visual descriptions allow everyone not to miss critical visual elements that help the visually impaired understand and appreciate the content as the content creators initially intended.

Multi-audio can also play into the arch of the overall storytelling. I don't think I have ever seen this out in the wild, but I’d love to flip that multi-audio switch and hear a voice narration (that isn't part of the primary audio) from the lead characters or maybe from another character's point of view. This will offer a unique perspective of the story or can give us access to what’s going on in the characters’ head. This can be a great medium to tell more of the story with minimal cost and maximum effectiveness.

Multi-audio offers the ability to engage fans in fun and compelling ways. It opens a path to new markets. It is such a commonly overlooked feature, yet it has the power to grow audiences and keep them coming back for more.

Kalim Sheikh

Kalim Sheikh is a talent development professional with over a decade of experience in onboarding, training, and implementing complex enterprise environments.

Kalim is an articulate facilitator who is skilled at challenging clients to think critically about complex problems to drive change and action.

In his position as a Product Trainer for the Flex Media Platform at Ooyala, Kalim works to evangelize the vision and help advance the bleeding edge of online media.

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