Online Video Syndication

Online Video Syndication

Maximize your videos' reach with online video syndication. Publishers can streamline their workflows by broadcasting their online videos to numerous outlets at the same time.

Online video syndication is a smart way to grow viewership, but it's important to pick the right online video syndication partners. Understanding how a publisher's videos are shared is a good start. Using online video analytics, publishers can also understand how syndication affects their reach.

With Ooyala, publishers can syndicate their content to:

  • Create and dynamically update channel lineups
  • Encourage viral video syndication through the Ooyala player
  • Distribute video to YouTube, iTunes and create your own Player MRSS feeds
  • Create/participate in syndication networks to increase your audience reach and monetization opportunities
  • Syndicate videos and video channels to content affiliates, while maintaining syndication authority over your content

Ooyala's Backlot also streamlines the process by automatically uploading video source files directly to YouTube and providing feed-based syndication to make videos available to external sites.

To reach a larger audience, pay TV operators, broadcasters and networks might decide to syndicate their content to set-top boxes, connected TVs and mobile apps. Brands, online media and news organizations will eye YouTube, social channels such as Facebook in addition to apps and connected TVs.