Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic Video Platform Programmatic video advertising – the use of automated systems to buy and sell online and mobile video ad inventory – now accounts for up to 25% of all digital video advertising revenues.

Ooyala’s Programmatic Video Solution

Ooyala Pulse SSP is the programmatic video advertising platform of choice for many of the world’s top broadcasters. It offers full support across all programmatic trading marketplaces, including automated guaranteed. Ooyala Pulse SSP allows you to optimize across direct and programmatic sales channels in one place.

Programmatic Video Advertising with Ooyala

Ooyala Pulse SSP is the gold standard in programmatic video advertising. It’s a sell-side ad platform for broadcasters and publishers that optimizes online and mobile revenues across sales channels, maximizing yield for every impression.

Ooyala Pulse SSP supports programmatic direct, where a one-to-one relationship exists between the buyer and media owner. Pricing can be fixed or auction-based (RTB), and indirect where video advertising inventory is bought through an open and unreserved auction.

Ooyala’s full programmatic capabilities include:

Ooyala's programmatic video platform

Real-time programmatic campaign reporting

Analyze your programmatic video data to identify new revenue opportunities and fix areas of poor performance in nearly real time.

Programmatic CPM floor settings

Maximize the programmatic yield on your video ad campaigns with floor bids that maintain the premium on your inventory.

Programmatic buyer black/white lists

Blacklist or whitelist individual buyers to control exactly who can bid on your video inventory. You’ll get maximum control of your campaigns and protect your premium content.

Best programmatic video advertising platform by Ooyala

CPM link

A direct connection to your video ad server helps you maximize your programmatic video advertising yield. Raise the price floor if a programmatic direct campaign can beat it.

Transparency settings

How much do you let buyers know about your content before they bid? More transparency usually leads to higher CPMs for premium programmatic video advertising content.

Ooyala Makes Programmatic Video a Reality

Ooyala Pulse SSP is the programmatic solution that’s built from the ground up to give publishers maximum control, visibility and flexibility. It lets you trade and report across private marketplaces, deal ID’s or open marketplaces.

Some of the biggest broadcasters in ASIA, EMEA and the US use Pulse SSP as their solution for programmatic video advertising. It offers the control and flexibility needed to make the most of video inventory across multiple channels.

Towards A New Balance in Programmatic Video

The stunning growth of personalized video has made programmatic more important than ever. In this white paper, we discuss several key areas that must be addressed to balance the demands of both buy-side and sell-side companies as programmatic becomes ubiquitous.


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