Player Unleashed

The new Ooyala Player is fast, fully customizable and integrates with all major ad and analytics platforms.

High quality video experiences

Deliver consistent, high-quality experiences

The HTML5-first Ooyala Player delivers superior mobile, web and desktop video experiences for live and on-demand content.

Reach every device

The Ooyala Player supports industry-standard formats such as DASH and HLS. It’s fully compatible with a broad range of browsers and devices.

Highly customizable experiences

Customize the look and feel

The highly configurable player comes out of the box with a new, modern UI/UX and gives developers control to match their brand’s look and feel.

Reduce viewer churn and drop-off

The lightweight player loads fast and, with Ooyala Discovery, engages users by helping them discover content that matches their interests.

Monetize & Analyze your video

Monetize your way

The Ooyala Player comes with out-of-the-box support for IAB Standard formats including VAST, VMAP and VPAID. It integrates with the industry’s leading ad serving platforms.

Analyze everything

The Ooyala Player is fully integrated with Ooyala IQ, providing a 360 degree view of video performance. Its open framework can be integrated with other leading analytics providers.

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