Premium quality playback on all devices




Deliver consistent, high-quality experiences

Ooyala’s HTML5 Player delivers superior mobile, web and desktop video experiences for live and on-demand content.

Customize the look and feel

The highly configurable player comes out of the box with a modern UI/UX and gives you full control to match your brand’s look and feel.

Reach every device

Ooyala Player supports industry-standard formats such as DASH, HLS and MP4. It’s fully compatible with web and mobile browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Protect your content

Protect your premium content across all viewing windows. You set the rules and we deliver, sending your video securely to authenticated and authorized viewers across all devices and geographies.

Engage longer and increase customer retention

The lightweight player loads fast to engage users right away. Ooyala Discovery helps you hold on to viewers longer as they discover content that matches their interests.

Monetize your way

Ooyala Player has plug-ins for, and integrates with the industry’s leading ad serving platforms, and comes with out-of-the-box support for IAB Standard formats including VAST, VMAP and VPAID.

Analyze everything

Ooyala Player is fully integrated with Ooyala IQ for a 360-degree view of video performance. Its open framework can be integrated with other leading analytics providers.

Drive longer views, better analytics and stronger earnings

Ooyala’s white paper, Engage Your Viewers With an Advanced Video Player, shows how an advanced player is the core of your viewer relationship. Download White Paper ›

There’s more to Ooyala’s Video Platform

Simplify video from upload to bottom line

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