Advanced video analytics

Make confident business decisions with a full 360-degree view of video usage and audience behavior across any device and platform.




Identify your most effective programs

Find your most successful syndication partners, your most effective marketing programs, and your most popular viewer platforms with Ooyala IQ. Player tracking enables you to use different player IDs in various situations and quickly identify the programs that drive the greatest value.

Analyze across all dimensions

Use powerful multi-dimensional video analysis to discover untapped audiences, target your investments to growing geographies, and focus on content that drives revenue.

Gain deep insights into every asset

Ooyala IQ gives you deeper insights into every asset: how popular it is with your users; how viewers are watching by geography, device, traffic source; and whether viewers are really engaging or just sampling and departing.

Analytics for Live and VOD

People watch VOD and live video in different ways. Ooyala IQ lets you look at your content library as a whole, or filtered by VOD or live. You can see a timeline of concurrent viewers at one-minute intervals, showing exactly when viewers started and stopped watching.

Get up-to-the-minute insights

Look at viewership, engagement and conversion rates at one-minute intervals, or even retroactively analyze past data to make better business decisions and further refine your content and placement strategies.

Monitor trends in real time

Ooyala IQ provides real-time insights across your video library. Get real-time updates on trending content and what’s most popular in every region of the world.

Industry-leading dashboard

Get all the benefits of Ooyala IQ with an easy-to-use UI, or use REST APIs for full flexibility and control. You decide which insights make the most sense for your business.

Get breakthrough results

Ooyala’s new analytics white paper looks at how the new era of analytics is helping publishers get breakthrough results—like over 400% more video plays year over year. Download White Paper ›

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