Make the most of your growing audience. Ooyala’s sell side ad management and programmatic trading platform is designed exclusively for broadcasters and publishers to run their premium video ad business.


A holistic approach to video ad sales

See every angle of your business as you manage and optimize your campaigns across direct and programmatic sales channels in one platform. Leverage the insights from all your sales channels to maximize your inventory sell out rates and drive higher CPMs.


Target audiences across platforms

Deliver audiences and results across devices, with high-performing formats, flexible and granular controls, and the analytics and insights you need to optimize video ad revenue, across Direct Sold and Programmatic channels.

Maximize inventory

Optimize ad load and insertion points, formats and content. Seamlessly syndicate to third parties. Get the most out of your content with the dashboards and tools you need to understand and enhance campaign performance.

Sell smarter

Raise effective CPMs by creating innovative sales packages with the highest-performing interactive ad formats, advanced ad decisioning, audience targeting, and real time inventory forecasting.

Sell out more often

Get closer to 100% sell-out with our detailed real time, simulation-based forecasting and dynamic ad delivery.

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Sell-side Programmatic Trading

Clear control

Take ownership of how your inventory is priced, packaged, and promoted programmatically. Ooyala Pulse is built from the ground up to give publishers maximum control, transparency and flexibility to trade and accurately report across Direct Deals, PMPs, and open marketplaces on your own terms.

Enterprise-class service

Dive into Programmatic with peace of mind. From platform support and revenue optimization to strategic planning, our dedicated Yield Managers complement and help grow the skills of your team.

Integrate with the demand ecosystem

Execute programmatic deals with Ooyala Pulse server-to-server integrations with the top global video buying platforms (DSPs) and local buyers.

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Save time and resources by automating the direct sales workflow

Regulate the price and availability of inventory to buyers and allow them to submit guaranteed orders for chosen sales packages via their preferred buy side platform. Accept/reject orders directly within the Ooyala Pulse UI.

Anti-Ad Blocking

Overcome the ad blockers

Unlock ad revenues

Ooyala anti-ad blocking technology gets by the ad blockers — immediately unlocking more inventory and as much as 30% more revenue.

See immediate results

Easily deployed with a browser plug-in, the solution starts working immediately so you can unlock more inventory from day one.

No upfront costs, no risk

No upfront payment with no commitment on volume. We charge only when we successfully unlock inventory, and we manage the service to keep you ahead of the ad blockers.

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