Complementary Partners

Complementary Partners

Ooyala's technology partners deliver state-of-the-art video playback solutions for our customers. These companies work with our leading-edge online video platform to create powerful distribution technologies.

Scalable Solutions

Ooyala systems are built for scalability. Our modular online video platform delivers HTML 5 video and HDS video to over 100 million unique viewers every month. Our partners depend on our robust solutions and ability to scale.

A Record of Innovation

Ooyala was first to market with many online video technologies, including adaptive bit-rate delivery for Flash, an integrated video transcoding cloud, advanced real-time analytics, and integrated over-the-top delivery. Ooyala continues to innovate video delivery and video distribution.

Measurable Results

Ooyala produces better viewer engagement, simpler work flow, and higher earnings for our partners. Ooyala’s online video platform is built on custom video analytics, so key metrics like audience reach and revenue are easy to track across all screens.