OTT TV solution by Ooyala In a world with 2 billion connected devices, no wonder TV has moved over-the-top (OTT). OTT TV providers, however, face a daunting task in delivering across the device landscape: they need to cover OTT video services for the iPhone, for Roku and connected TVs of all kinds, and for Windows and Mac alike.

OTT Video Solution by Ooyala

Ooyala’s OTT TV platform delivers on the promise of next-generation TV: anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Our integrated suite of technologies and services lets over-the-top television providers expand their monetization options, using analytics to gather insights that drive increased digital video revenue.

Start monetizing your OTT content now with Ooyala Revenue Builder and eCommerce. eCommerce helps broadcasters drive maximum value out of both subscription and transaction models. Whether you’re looking to provide SVOD, TVOD, live-to-VOD, promotional offers or auto-renewals, we have you covered with a turn-key solution.

Complete Integration

eCommerce is completely integrated into our Revenue Builder solution and together they provide complete end-to-end support for product and offer management. Create subscription and transaction products using eCommerce APIs and develop product offers specifying content and rendition types.

Advanced Feature Sets

eCommerce provides a variety of features including product catalog management, offer management, multiple payment methods, and add-on products. Gain product support for complex offerings, multiple price points and currencies, and turn-key integration with social identity management partners.

Maximize your OTT revenue models today and prepare for the future with Ooyala Revenue Builder and eCommerce. Contact for more information.

OTT TV: Next Generation TV, Today

The heyday of the set-top box may be coming to a close as TV technology continues to evolve toward connected TVs. Viewers are skipping cable, satellite and IPTV to move straight to over-the-top services. They’re finding greater choice and selection through internet TV platforms like Presto or PictureBox. Increasingly, their first-choice device is a connected TV, whether via Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV, or going direct to a freestanding smart TV.

Businesses who want to capitalize on this shift need a comprehensive set of OTT technologies to cut their time-to-market and optimize their video revenues. Ooyala provides comprehensive over-the-top services like these:

ott video, next generation of tv today

OTT TV Streaming

Deliver the right content, at the right quality, to any and every device, across any network, anytime and anyplace. The right OTT TV solution will ensure a personalized and engaging experience to every viewer.


Don’t limit yourself to Video on Demand (VOD) offerings; stream live events, and 24/7 linear channels, across the cloud. The Ooyala Video Index clearly shows that live events distributed on OTT TV channels earn the highest engagement rates and the best opportunities for monetization.

OTT TV Mobile

A browser is great for a first visit, but viewers love the unique experience you can build with our mobile SDKs. Millennials are increasingly watching more TV on their mobile phones, so delivering an engaging experience is critical.

over the top tv mobile

OTT TV Subscriptions

Don’t rely on advertising or pay-per-view alone: lock in the recurring revenues of your most avid fans. OTT TV packages can combine the best of on-demand content with the comfort of a reliable and familiar content library.

OTT TV Advertising

Maximize your ad revenue by playing in-house ads and by integrating seamlessly with the leading ad partners. Advertisers know the value of over-the-top services, delivering CPMs with an OTT TV premium to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers.

Ooyala Makes OTT TV a Reality

Ooyala powers OTT TV offerings through our core platform and also through integration with leading partners including Google, iStreamPlanet and Microsoft. Ooyala combines the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD) and subscription (SVOD) to make your over-the-top TV services sustainable and profitable.

Companies like Media Prima, The Telegraph, and Mediacorp use Ooyala’s over-the-top platform to drive more views and more revenues. Our real-time analytics help improve returns on any over-the-top content strategy. From ad monetization options, to download-to-own environments, to extensive subscription-driven offerings, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of OTT.

It’s time to unify linear and OTT workflows

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