Video Recommendation Engine

Boost audience engagement

Engage viewers longer with Ooyala’s personal video
recommendation engine.

Video Recommendation Engine


Make it personal

Use OoyalaNEXT or a third-party video recommendation engine to keep your audience watching longer, generate more ad inventory and revenue, and bring viewers back for more. 

Promote the right content

Suggest videos based on user tastes, related themes, viewing behavior and trending content. Our APIs help you give each viewer whatever keeps them watching.

Customize the experience

Tailor each experience to your editorial goals. Scan and filter metadata to curate asset lists or exclude content. Reserve a spot in the lineup for promoted content. You’re in control.

Measure engagement growth

Measure it all! How many additional plays were a result of recommendations? How did they compare to organic plays? Analyze, then optimize.

Get up and running quickly

You’ll start to see new revenue immediately whether you choose OoyalaNEXT, APIs or a third-party solution. No extensive employee training, costly app development or site redesigns needed.

Engage viewers longer


Streamline content lifecycle

Streamline the whole content supply chain
with the Ooyala Flex Media Platform

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