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Reliable, high-quality playback

OoyalaPLAY incorporates Ooyala’s HTML5 video player delivers superior mobile, web and desktop video experiences both live and on-demand. Extend your fan engagement with the Audio-Only Player for on-demand listening and syndication.

Easy to customize

Our video player comes out of the box with modern UI/UX, and it’s easy to configure to match your brand’s look and feel. Alternatively, use a third party Player.

Full device compatibility

OoyalaPLAY’s video player supports all standard formats, including DASH, HLS, HDS, and MP4. It’s fully compatible with web and mobile browsers, and our robust SDKs allow for playback on a wide range of platforms including iOS and Android.

Smart recommendations

OoyalaNEXT is our sophisticated recommendation engine. It uses machine-learning algorithms to keep viewers engaged and watching more videos, delivering higher engagement and opportunities to monetize.

VR 360 support

VR 360 improves the storytelling capability for publishers and lets your viewers interact with your content by adjusting the camera angle for a unique and immersive video experience.

Complete ad serving

Ooyala integrates with the industry’s leading ad serving platforms including Google IMA, Freewheel and Ooyala Pulse, with out-of-the-box support for IAB Standard formats including VAST, VMAP and VPAID.

Ooyala and third-party analytics

In addition to the rich platform analytics, OoyalaPLAY has plugins for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Comscore, Nielsen, Conviva, Youbora and other third-party data platforms.

Fully accessible

The Ooyala video player offers a full FCC-compliant suite of closed captioning solutions, and full compliance with WCAG 2.0 for screen readers.

DRM and token-based security

Whether you need Digital Rights Management (DRM) or token-based encryption, the Ooyala video player comes fully integrated with critical security solutions. The OoyalaPLAY also offers complete publishing controls such as Geo and IP restrictions, time based controls, VPN detection, and domain and proxy controls.

Longer, better, stronger

Your player is the core of your viewer relationship. Engage your viewers with Live and VOD Delivery that keep your audiences watching longer, with better analytics for stronger earnings.  Download the white paper ›

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