Video monetization

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Ooyala’s monetization tools help you make
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Video monetization


Monetize with ads

Seamlessly integrate with all major ad serving platforms to provide your audience with the best possible experience while maximizing ad revenue.

Add subscriptions

Monetizing your content via subscription? The Ooyala Flex Media Platform has you covered. Our monetization offering, OoyalaBUY is fully integrated with the best subscription technology on the market to help make subscriber based video monetization simple and easy.

Take transactions

From paywalls to pay-per-view (PPV) and more, Ooyala’s purchasing technology powers the transactions that help you earn the absolute most from your content.

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Ooyala’s sophisticated analytics provide key insights around drop-off, play through, virality and engagement. It’s the data you need to earn the absolute most from your video strategy.

TV everywhere

Power your authenticated streaming strategy with TV Everywhere technology that integrates easily with leading MVPDs. 

Earn more from your content with OoyalaBUY


Streamline content lifecycle

Streamline the whole content supply chain
with the Ooyala Flex Media Platform

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