Video Content Management System

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Manage, package and publish your video any way.

Video Content Management System

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Manage your video library

Import, transcode and manage your content library easily using video content management solutions from Ooyala or a third party. You’ll get 360-degree visibility across the asset life cycle, from the moment video is imported to viewing on every device.

Publish on any screen

Delight viewers everywhere with industry-standard formats such as DASH and HLS.  Ooyala is fully compatible with web and mobile browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Take control of metadata

Ready for metadata schemas that fit your business needs? You can define relationships between assets, metadata, workflows or users, as well as object types such as series/seasons/episodes to keep it all organized.

Syndicate and distribute — fast

Start by managing and distributing video across your own sites and apps ― then build a video distribution network to grow your revenues. Keep going and expand your audience exponentially with single-click syndication to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

Add APIs to match your needs

Our rich set of APIs integrate with your existing content management systems to suit your business and workflows.

Protect your revenues

Protect your premium content across all viewing windows. With multi-DRM support, you can send your VOD, live or linear content securely to authenticated viewers across all devices and geographies.

Engage with smart playlists

Curated playlists make it easy to present relevant videos to a unique audience. You set the auto-population rules, so your viewers always get the latest.

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