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Media Platform

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Ooyala Flex 
Media Platform

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An open and extensible way to manage, curate, orchestrate, publish, measure and monetize your content.

An open and extensible way to manage, curate, orchestrate, publish, measure and monetize your content.

  • Connects and powers the entire content supply chain, from production to profit
  • Provides central workflows, shared metadata infrastructure and APIs
  • Makes content supply chains faster, smarter and more flexible

Platform Graph

Ooyala Flex Media Plataform
Pre-production and Commissioning
Maximize critical investments in content by making better decisions, faster.
Seamlessly integrate existing production systems to optimize critical aspects of the content creation process.
Ingest and Import
Maximize your content library with powerful tools that reliably ingest, enrich and track your video assets.
Unify key workflows and streamline the editing & review process with a powerful content management platform.
Archive, Storage
and Transcoding
Leverage top of the line solutions that optimize the quality, availability and protection of videos assets.
Scheduling and
Maximize reach with flexible tools that will get your content in front of the right audience, at the right time.
Linear and VOD
Playout and Playback
Live or on-demand, ensure your users have a great viewing experience on the platforms that are important to them.
Monetization and
Lead Nurturing
Leverage our full-stack of solutions for monetizing your audience, with ads, subscriptions or transactions, regardless of device.
Data Insights
and Reporting
Make more informed decisions with a powerful suite of analytics that collects data at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Meet all the demands of media production and distribution—now and in the future.

Open and extensible

The open and extensible architecture of the Ooyala Flex Media Platform can be completely configured to your needs. Build your best solution with applications from Ooyala or third parties or, create and host your own apps with the built-in API infrastructure. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform works seamlessly with, or extends, your existing production systems to maximize the return on your media investments.

Streamlined process and workflows

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform removes the cost and complexity of content creation, management, and distribution so you can get content to market faster and at lower cost. It streamlines content workflows, connects teams and tools for greater collaboration, lowers risk, automates tasks, and builds a single source of truth for your operations. Full flexibility lets you integrate seamlessly with any environment, so you can modernize and scale your business without uprooting existing systems or investments.

Single source of truth

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform shares metadata and analytics to create a single source of truth along the content supply chain—from production all the way to profit. Multi-dimensional analysis of viewing and engagement brings you up-to-the-minute data across entire libraries or single videos. You’ll understand what’s trending, what’s driving the most engagement, and what your audience wants more of. You’ll also spot the workflow bottlenecks you need to clear to get results even faster.

Backed by the best

Led by Microsoft, our vast partner ecosystem provides everything for the modern content supply chain. Choose the apps that fit your needs; they plug seamlessly into the Ooyala Flex Media Platform. You’ll have the partners you need to go from production to profit quickly and securely.

Connect your entire content supply chain with our platform