Tribune Media

Dramatically improved mobile playthrough and engagement


Optimize for the small screen to insure a top quality viewing experience for the 61% of users who visit their site on mobile devices.


Provided guidance and expert recommendations to deliver a simple and efficient mobile interface clearly indicating which news stories have video making them easier to watch. Tribune created dedicated mobile apps for each of their 40+ affiliates. Video is a mainstay of most stories; users can navigate through the story text while the video plays seamlessly. A 'Watch Live' section lets users jump into each station’s live broadcast. Users are prompted to take advantage of breaking new stories by enabling push notification alerts.


This strategy has dramatically improved mobile engagement. The number who watch a video to the end is now 56% on mobile vs 49% on desktop—a comparison that's quite uncommon in the video world.


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Reduced costs and increased profitability


Delivers new streaming box with a great viewing experience

Cronulla Sharks

Delivered livestream to 30,000+ rugby fans in 38 countries