Blink Now

Maximized business potential across three separate OTT services


Gain greater audience insights to drive revenue for SVOD, TVOD and AVOD services. Choose a video technology provider with a powerful, real-time analytics solution to understand content views, trends and audience engagement across these services.


Ooyala’s data-driven platforms enable insights throughout the video business. Ooyala Live manages live streaming events and the Ooyala video platform powers the VOD services. Ooyala IQ’s real-time analytics can determine popular content to drive more views; multi-dimensional reports track engagement and ensure reinvestment in highly-profitable content. Ooyala Pulse gives insight on optimal ad loads for every piece of content — maximizing revenue without sacrificing UE.


Blink Now has maximized its business potential across three separate OTT services via a single provider—powering ad ops, video delivery, data-driven insights and live streaming to over 180,000 users nationwide.


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