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Ooyala's online video analytics

Video analytics offer the critical business intelligence that digital TV providers need to be profitable and successful. Advanced video analytics can be provided through custom video analytics software, but are often more effectively delivered with SaaS. However publishers choose to pursue video monetization, real-time analytics are essential.

Ooyala Video Analytics

Ooyala analytics help deliver personalized video experiences across all screens. We’re leaders in online video management, publishing, video analytics tools and monetization. Our integrated suite of technologies and services gives content owners the power to expand their audiences, with deep insights that drive greater viewer engagement and more video revenues.

Video Analytics: Turn Big Data Into Real-World Results

Businesses that want to build and optimize their online video offerings need powerful analytics that cover everything from reach to video engagement to monetization. Ooyala provides comprehensive analytics capabilities like these:

Ooyala video analytics provides real-time insights in to video consumption

Performance Analytics

See which video assets perform best ― and worst! ― and streamline content acquisition and licensing. As with traditional TV measurement, assess the value of all content and license only what benefits your business.

Real-Time Analytics

The Ooyala Now dashboard shows you what’s popular, trending and going viral, so you can make real-time decisions. Our intelligent video analytics system ensures you never miss the opportunity to capitalize on a newly-trending asset, a viral video or an engagement breakthrough in a new geography.

Ooyala IQ is Ooyala's online video analytics powerful solution

Behavioral Analysis

Understand how viewers really act, then drive higher engagement with personalized recommendations. Behavioral analytics track what viewers really do, not just what they think they want to do ― so your next offerings are more likely to increase their engagement.

Mobile Analytics

Spot high-value mobile audiences for optimized ad inventory pricing. Our online analytics system makes sure you invest in platforms that return real revenues, and that you’ll be ready for the Next Big Thing.

Ooyala Video Analytics Lead The Way With Ooyala IQ

Our intelligent video analytics software collects over 2 billion discrete data events every month, for a truly comprehensive view of global video consumption. Each quarter, Ooyala uses this aggregated data to compile our Ooyala Video Index. Every customer has a 360-degree view of their own online analytics at all times. Ooyala customers use these video statistics to make data-driven decisions that drive profits and efficiency.

Today some of the world’s largest broadcast companies use Ooyala’s video analytics tools to drive their OTT offerings. Our real-time analytics provide the metrics needed to create compelling, profitable video offerings. From unique branding options to download-to-own environments to extensive subscription-driven offerings, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of Digital TV.

Can Video Analytics Make You More Money?

Download this white paper to learn how many of the world’s leading broadcasters and media organizations are using video analytics to make more informed decisions about content and advertising; viewer acquisition and engagement; and technology and operations.


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