Archived assets paired with the correct metadata and AI can now be mined for a host of activities that draw from images, audio, and text. Ooyala’s video archiving solutions integrate with Microsoft Video Indexer and other machine learning engines to automatically capture valuable metadata.


Search for archived assets using all your existing metadata types, plus new metadata generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Build collections, make basic edits and launch workflows easily–all from one user interface.


Ooyala’s video archiving solutions fit your workflows, not the other way around. You can configure and design every step of the archive process to benefit your business.


The platform has all the tools you need to migrate your content from legacy storage automatically. Custom workflows can check media and metadata integrity and resolve formatting and inaccuracy issues on the fly. It’s all in a single video archive solution.


A fully configurable video archive solution gives you workflow-driven content migration, transcoding, and content lifecycle rules based on your needs. You can now transform decades of content into productive, monetizable assets.

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Ooyala Flex Media Plataform
Pre-production and Commissioning
Maximize critical investments in content by making better decisions, faster.
Seamlessly integrate existing production systems to optimize critical aspects of the content creation process.
Ingest and Import
Maximize your content library with powerful tools that reliably ingest, enrich and track your video assets.
Unify key workflows and streamline the editing & review process with a powerful content management platform.
Archive, Storage
and Transcoding
Leverage top of the line solutions that optimize the quality, availability and protection of videos assets.
Scheduling and
Maximize reach with flexible tools that will get your content in front of the right audience, at the right time.
Linear and VOD
Playout and Playback
Live or on-demand, ensure your users have a great viewing experience on the platforms that are important to them.
Monetization and
Lead Nurturing
Leverage our full-stack of solutions for monetizing your audience, with ads, subscriptions or transactions, regardless of device.
Data Insights
and Reporting
Make more informed decisions with a powerful suite of analytics that collects data at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Monetize your content archive

Monetize your content archive. Ooyala’s video archive solutions will end your archive woes and turn yesterday’s lost content into today’s hardworking assets. Years of valuable media and metadata can unlock new revenues and display opportunities ― if you have a cost-effective way to rescue it from the usual labyrinth of formats, files and systems that pile up over the years.

Video archive solutions
that drive revenues higher

Archive all your media ― video, metadata, subtitles and more ― and let artificial intelligence bring it all to the widest audience

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