NAB Show 2018 was all about content

AR, VR, ML, AI, HDR and UHD (not to mention ATSC 3.0). The NAB Show this year was an alphabet soup of technology that spelled out one word: C-O-N-T-E-N-T.

Content took center stage at the show, with broadcasters, studios, content owners and aggregators all looking to technology to bring content home, literally. The 2018 show, more so than many recent editions, celebrated content’s new direction: Over-the-top.

Deliver everywhere to everyone

Deliver everywhere to everyone. You invest a lot in your packaged and live content. But to get value out of it, you need to deliver that content quickly to multiple platforms and formats around the world. You need a flexible platform that can use metadata-driven management and discovery for high-speed, scalable, automated delivery. That’s media distribution with Ooyala.

Unclog your pipeline

Unclog your pipeline. Top-quality delivery in many formats, to many platforms, around the globe: that’s the first goal of media production today. It takes a solution that can orchestrate and optimize the whole production pipeline. And that starts with deep metadata that connects all the critical elements of your pipeline as one