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“There’s no question that automation has a significant role in video production today. Using Ooyala Flex, we’re able to meet the complex demands associated with this project.”

Phill Marshall

Head of In-house Production,
Sky Sports

Unclog your pipeline

Unclog your pipeline. Top-quality delivery in many formats, to many platforms, around the globe: that’s the first goal of media production today. It takes a solution that can orchestrate and optimize the whole production pipeline. And that starts with deep metadata that connects all the critical elements of your pipeline as one

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“By using Ooyala Flex, Zoomin.TV reduced its production time by roughly 70% which means it can produce more stories or create more versions from one story.”

Patrick Budzelaar


Engage your viewers

Engage your viewers. Our comprehensive live streaming solution lets broadcasters and publishers go live in minutes with high-quality channels and events. It’s perfect for customers who want to maintain the highest possible quality and uptime, deliver to multiple devices and platforms, and monetize live content with dynamic ad insertion.

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“Ooyala’s Live Solution allows us to scale up our live offering, adapt it to our business model and adjust as the market and consumer demands change.”

Jorge Martin

CIO, Mediaset Spain

Earn more from OTT

Earn more from OTT. There’s more complexity than ever in video: new platforms, new formats, new business models, and fierce competition. Ooyala’s flexible solutions combine best of breed content management, playback, live streaming and more. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform delivers an open solution that simplifies and streamlines video publishing. Result: less cost and complexity, more engagement, and maximum revenue.

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“Ooyala is an innovative, strategic partner. There’s no way we could be doing what we’re doing without Ooyala.”

Ryan Holmes

Digital Media Group, BYU