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How you can make more money with your content archive and A.I.
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
“I don’t even know what I have in my archive at this point.”
That’s a common refrain we hear at Ooyala. Content companies dealing with the pressures of creating content more quickly with fewer budget resources are struggling to find, manage and monetize the vast amounts of video assets that now exist in their archives. 
Ooyala’s new white paper Make More Money with Your Content Archive and A.I. aims to help companies solve these issues. It discusses how Ooyala Flex works with Microsoft Video Indexer to bring advanced metadata management and artificial intelligence to archived content. 
These integrated and data-driven digital tools can reach into large and idle video reserves to extract their riches, and help companies:
Find and identify lost archived content

Add metadata and subtitles automatically 

Sort by themes, facial recognition, even emotional sentiment

Reuse and monetize video for greater returns

For more insights, download the white paper here.
Paula Minardi

Paula is the Head of Content Strategy at Ooyala, where she crafts insights on digital video, production and ad tech trends. She’s held previous positions at Viacom and EMI, with focus areas including video content development, distribution and marketing.

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