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Solving the buy or build puzzle for media solutions
Thursday, February 8, 2018
To buy or to build a media workflow solution? That’s the question that has plagued broadcast and media CTOs for years.
Ooyala’s new white paper from our Strategic Media Consulting team To Buy or To Build Your Media Solution? looks at how media logistics can solve for both scenarios, as either direction you decide to take will inevitably involve some compromise. 
Buying can mean adapting a potentially inflexible solution to your specific needs, among other challenges, while building from scratch can be hampered by a lack of internal skills and costs that tend to spiral.
A powerful media logistics platform like Ooyala Flex can offer the best chance at success, whichever path you choose. It offers advantages such as:
Complete control of the process and the product

Faster time to market

Future-proof technology that’s updated constantly

For more insights and stories of companies who have solved their media solution challenges with Ooyala Flex, download the white paper here.
Paula Minardi

Paula is the Head of Content Strategy at Ooyala, where she crafts insights on digital video, production and ad tech trends. She’s held previous positions at Viacom and EMI, with focus areas including video content development, distribution and marketing.

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