Metadata: new challenger for the title of “king” of the industry

By Paula Minardi on Aug 30 2017 at 4:45 PM
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Metadata — information about all of the elements that make up a piece of video — is now competing to lead the industry into the future. It’s playing an increasingly powerful role in video, alongside the creative and finished product itself.
Metadata: The Future of Video from Concept to Consumer is Ooyala’s new white paper that explores the critical role metadata plays in driving integration and optimization of video content throughout its lifecycle. Metadata helps producers and distributors move assets through production and delivery faster, create more relevant experiences for consumers, maximize their content investments and much more.
The industry’s realization of the importance and value of metadata has been growing: A recent Pay-TV Innovation Forum 2017 survey of pay-TV providers found that the majority of pay-TV executives believed data and analytics would be crucial to the direction of pay-TV over the next five years. 
The paper reviews the different types of metadata that exist, looks at advances to come, and walks through how metadata is used at each point in workflows:
Ingest, import, validate and manage 

Transcode, package, distribute and archive
Publish, discover, personalize and monetize 

Report and analyze 

Ooyala’s Integrated Video Platform (IVP™) solutions work together to harness metadata — making production and distribution workflows more efficient, adding intelligence to video, personalizing consumption and affording greater returns on content investment. 
For more insights, download the white paper here.
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