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[Report] Video Production will see greater ROI with IP
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Ooyala and the Digital Production Partnership, better known as the DPP, recently collaborated to build The Business Benefits of IP Production to identify which video production environments will see greater business benefits and ROI by adopting IP-based processes and technologies by 2022. The report, which is the first one of its kind in the industry, does just that: helps broadcasters, media companies and production houses have a better understanding and timeline for when to adopt IP - and for which processes - to deliver the greatest return. 
The report sets it up best: 
The move to IP-based workings is one of those every-decade-or-so infrastructure changes that everyone knows is inevitable, but few can explain when, how – or possibly even why. As will become evident  from this report, the long term benefits of IP production are irrefutable: it is the technology the media industry requires to enable its never-ending appetite for greater quality, scale, speed and value.
Mark Harrison, the DPP’s Managing Director and author of the report continues:
“Our industry loves the idea of innovation, but we sometimes struggle to articulate whether, when and how it makes business sense. This has been particularly the case with IP production. This report helps companies understand when, where and how to place their bets.”
Surveying nearly 30 companies across the video supply chain, including ITV, Sky, BBC and Sony, the report shows where IP migrations will result in greater cost savings, cost avoidance, creative benefits and competitive advantages.
The results? More than half of production environments analyzed will see medium to high business benefits by adopting IP technologies. Five production environments stood out as having the greatest impact on business today, including media companies with online distribution at the heart of their business, particularly OTT services, as well as back-end processes like asset management, cloud playout and post-production. A few highlights include:
  • IP Distribution: Companies with internet-first distribution services, OTT
  • Live Streaming: Companies distributing live content across devices and social platforms
  • Media Management: Companies managing, moving and storing media
It’s telling of the need for media logistics solutions, like Ooyala Flex, that help connect disparate teams and systems that are inherently disconnected or on-premise. Technologies like Ooyala Flex reduce manual labor costs by automating workflows, metadata insertion and creates a single source of truth for entire media operations, helping teams identify bottlenecks, streaming production and get content to market faster. 
The full report is now available for download via Ooyala’s Resource page and gives deep-dive analysis across ten production environments with unique quotes and insights from major companies living and breathing this space day in and day out. 
Paul Bernardini

Paul Bernardini is Director of Marketing Communications at Ooyala.

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