Anti-Ad Blocking

Ooyala's Anti-Ad block Why anti-ad blocking? Because ad blocking can cost a company up to 30% of its potential online video ad revenue. And the number of ad blockers continues to rise across the globe. Anti-ad blocking is no longer a sidelight; it’s a major initiative being undertaken by ad tech companies all over with varying degrees of success.

Anti-Ad Blocking Solution by Ooyala

Ooyala Pulse Unlock is an effective, risk free anti-ad blocking solution that helps you disable ad blockers and earn the revenues your great content deserves. Deployed as a simple browser plugin, Unlock begins its anti-ad block measures immediately: bypassing ad blockers, freeing up inventory and maximizing your video ad revenue.

Anti-Ad Blocking Technology

With Ooyala’s Anti-Ad Blocking technology you can:

Maximize ad revenues

Anti-ad blocking technology from Ooyala bypasses the ad blockers — unlocking more inventory and as much as 30% more revenue.

See immediate results as you defeat ad blockers

Ooyala’s anti-ad blocker, Unlock, deploys easily as a browser plug-in. Its anti-ad blocking power begins working immediately, so you can unlock more inventory from day one.

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Optimize spend: no upfront cost, no risk

Unlock requires no upfront payment and no commitment on volume. We charge for our anti-ad blocking solution only when it does its job: disabling ad blockers on your video and unlocking video ad inventory. And it doesn’t stop with launch: we manage our anti-ad blocking service directly and actively to keep you ahead of the ad blockers.

Beat the Ad Blockers

This white paper explores the rise of ad blocking, shows what’s being done to beat the blockers and offer key recommendations to content providers going forward.


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