Media Asset Management

Ooyala's Media Asset Management Video production teams are under immense pressure to deliver more content. Audiences are fragmented across platforms and devices, and video production is migrating from legacy systems to IP-based workflows. With siloed production teams using dissimilar technologies day to day, an integrated platform has never been needed more.

Beyond Media Asset Management

Ooyala Flex is a media logistics platform that reduces cost and complexity as you create, manage and distribute content. Unlike traditional media asset management systems, Ooyala Flex is a highly configurable platform that provides control of asset and metadata management, workflow orchestration and operational insights across the entire media production value chain. It transforms your video content operations.

Ooyala Flex: End-to-end Video Asset Management

Ooyala Flex orchestrates every part of your production, distribution and media asset management workflows—from your existing tools and systems to technical processes and manual tasks—and makes it easier to adapt as the market changes.

Ooyala Flex helps you do everything you’d expect in a media asset management system, including uploading and organizing assets, searching for and updating metadata, performing rough cut edits, and reviewing assets.

But unlike monolithic media asset management solutions, Ooyala Flex can be tailored to match your unique workflows and business processes. And since the media asset management (MAM) application connects directly into workflow and metadata management systems, you can customize your metadata definitions, define the relationships between media assets, and automate tasks like encoding, transcoding and QC.

Ooyala Flex helps customers:

Media asset management workflow automation

Streamline and automate workflows

Automate media asset management workflows and manage tasks to speed up and simplify your operations. Then, integrate your existing production systems to tame tedious and error-prone manual work.

Manage business and asset data

Ooyala Flex provides the single source of truth about your video operations. It unifies data from workflows, media asset management and other systems into one comprehensive view.

Boost collaboration across teams and regions

Connect departments across the building or across the globe. Help them work, share and modify assets, and communicate within a single system.

Maximize ROI of your media asset management systems

Gain real-time visibility across the video supply chain

Maximize the ROI of your current investments, including other media asset management systems, and get the information you need to streamline video production and distribution.

Deploy your way

Ooyala Flex and its media asset management software are configurable, scriptable and extensible. Deploy Flex in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid deployments; update at a pace that suits your needs, and configure every element.

Why Media Logistics Matters

Media asset management solutions are important. But today’s broadcasters, studios and other content producers are turning to media logistics platforms to improve efficiency and cut production costs for all their digital video. You can do the same.


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