Get Backlot Client

We recommend the Backlot Client for users uploading files greater than 100MB. Here's how to get the Backlot Client:

  • Before you can begin using the Backlot Client, you must sign up for a Backlot account.
  • Click the "INSTALL NOW" badge.
  • Allow Adobe AIR to install.
  • Allow Ooyala Backlot to install.
  • Experience Backlot!

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What is included in the FREE TRIAL?  A. The FREE TRIAL includes 1 hour of delivery and 1GB of content uploaded. After the trial ends, you will be asked to enter your credit card information to continue using Backlot. We will automatically bill you at the end of every month based on the hours of content viewed and the amount of content you have managed within Backlot.
Q. What should I do if I encounter an installation problem? A. If you encounter any AIR install or upgrade issues, please review the Adobe AIR Download page then click on the install badge to install Backlot. For other support questions, please visit the Ooyala Support Center.
Q. What is required to run Backlot? A. If your computer is running Windows XP, Vista, or Mac OS X, installing Backlot is painless. The Backlot application runs in the Adobe AIR Environment. Adobe AIR will be installed simultaneously when installing Backlot if it not present on your system.
Q. Should I use the Backlot client or web interface? A. The web interface is located at Ooyala intends to support the same functionality in both the client and web interface, wherever possible. We currently recommend the installed AIR application for user uploading files greater than 100MB, otherwise users can choose their version.