Media Prima

80% time saved, engagement doubled, viewership nearly tripled


Media Prima needed to increase revenue and drive engagement for  tonton, the number one VOD service in Malaysia with 7.55 million users. The company also faced challenges in managing complex requirements for tonton’s business models, identifying the cost of ownership and dealing with specific requirements related to geolocations, licensing, royalty agreements and other business processes.


Ooyala is powering the tonton service with different monetization options and audience analytics, to help drive revenue and expand its audience. Content offered to viewers is personalized via OoyalaNEXT. Key audience engagement indicators including viewing patterns and ad performance are tracked via our analytics. Media Prima is also using Ooyala Flex for efficient metadata processing, including import of programme and schedule information from their broadcast systems and exclusive content curation. Metadata provides valuable insights for Media Prima, enabling them  to improve customer experiences.


Technologies and consulting strategies provided by Ooyala has helped tonton nearly triple its viewership and double its engagement. With the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, Media Prima is also processing metadata more efficiently, reducing 80% of the time invested into laborious manual metadata entry work. This has brought on cost savings, operational efficiencies, and shortened the time to market for Media Prima.


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