Ooyala Video Index Shows Mobile Video Consumption Is Dominant In Asia-Pacific As Programmatic Trading Booms

15 March 2016
New report highlights Asia-Pacific outpaces global tablet viewing; long-form viewing on connected TVs grows 72% annually
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SANTA CLARA, Calif. (March 15, 2016) -- Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary and a leading innovator in premium video publishing, analytics and monetization, released its Q4 2015 Global Video Index, showing the total number of programmatic transactions increased 160 percent since Q3 2015. Further, the report highlights video consumption trends throughout Asia-Pacific (APAC), as five of the 15 APAC countries analyzed in the report usurp the global average of mobile video viewing, specifically on tablets. 
Mobile phones and tablets combined now represent 46 percent of all online viewing across the globe, up from 34 percent in Q4 2014. Also, long-form viewing on connected TVs increased 72 percent throughout 2015. The report is telling of the mobile-market opportunity for content providers in APAC and beyond as viewing behaviors as well as advertising trading continues to shift, and premium online video becomes core to business success for publishers, broadcasters, brands and agencies. 
Programmatic Advertising Sees Substantial Gains
In Q4 2015, the number of Deal-ID transactions, or prearranged trades sold programmatically, increased from 10.1 million in Q3 to 26.3 million in Q4, representing an 160 percent increase quarter-over-quarter. This marks the third consecutive quarter that Deal-ID transactions increased more than 150 percent. Additionally, the number of active programmatic marketplaces increased by 21 percent throughout Ooyala’s customer base in Q4, driving more demand and therefore higher CPMs, also increasing 26 percent quarter-over-quarter. 
Mobile Is King In APAC
In the APAC regions, tablets are used significantly more often to view video than in the rest of the world, indicating that consumers there are watching more premium content on the larger screens of tablets. Where tablet views make up just one out of every seven mobile views in the rest of the world, they make up one of every five in APAC countries.
Further, Singapore leads the APAC region in mobile viewing, spending 55 percent of its online viewing time on smartphones and tablets. Behind Singapore is Australia (53%), Japan (50%), Indonesia (49%) and South Korea (47%). The trend is indicative as APAC countries have well established high-speed broadband and mobile-network infrastructures throughout the region and outpace the rest of the globe in mobile device penetration. Singapore, for example, has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, with 89 percent of its population owning mobile phones, according to ZenithOptima, and is expected to rise to 97 percent by 2018.
Long-Form Viewing Steadily Grows On Connected TVs
The new Video Index reports the total share of long-form viewing (content longer than 10 minutes) on connected TVs steadily grew to 74 percent in 2015. This represents 72 percent annual growth, up from 43 perecent in Q1; 53 percent in Q2; and 71 percent in Q3. This shows viewers are more inclined to watch long-form video on larger screens as connected devices and TVs become more ubiquitous in the market and more premium content is made available and easily accessible. In comparison, long-form content represented 51 percent of the viewing share on tablets in Q4 2015, 38 percent on desktops, and 31 percent on mobile. 
“The analysis from the recent Video Index shows the convergence of multiple factors in the market - from regional mobile adoption, consumer behaviors on specific devices and buying preferences between publishers and their advertisers - and gives a macro view of new trends in the industry,” said Chief Executive Officer of Ooyala, Ramesh Srinivasan. “Quarter after quarter, the opportunity to build more lucrative and successful businesses with video becomes clearer as mobile-first strategies continue to grow in importance.”
Other Q4 2015 Video Index Highlights Include:
  • Total mobile plays grew 35% in the past year and 170% since 2013.
  • Tablets made up 14% of mobile plays, up from 12% in Q2 and Q3, representing only the second time ever tablet plays increased since 2013.
  • Tablets made up 22% of all overall mobile video views in Q4 APAC, beating the global average by 3%.
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