Ooyala Delivers Higher CPMs and Better Ad Decisioning with New Holistic Video Advertising Platform

07 September 2016
Ooyala Pulse now combines direct ad decisioning and programmatic trading into one solution, inclusive of real-time analytics and inventory forecasting simulations
SANTA CLARA, Calif.  (September 7, 2016) -- Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary and a global leader in premium video publishing, production workflow, analytics and monetization, is now the first video-focused ad-tech provider to build a holistic advertising offering, combining its ad server and programmatic platform into a single solution. The company today introduced a new version of Ooyala Pulse, which enables traditionally separated ad sales teams to collaborate and access inventory within the same platform, allowing them to manage both direct-sold and programmatic inventory simultaneously. This gives broadcasters and publishers more control over their entire ad operations to increase CPMs, optimize sell-out rates and help inform which sales channel will return the highest possible yield for every impression, every time. 
Ooyala will be demonstrating the new holistic advertising platform at DMexco 2016 in Cologne, Germany in Hall 7, aisle C and stand 41. Arrange a demo or meeting here
Increase CPMs through competition across sales channels
Ooyala Pulse gives both direct and indirect sales teams immediate access to all available inventory, providing greater oversight across sales teams and letting every sales channel compete for every impression to optimize yield. This new level of visibility and control helps drive up CPMs and revenue with every sale. 
With a unified view of both direct and programmatic inventory, ad operations (ad ops) teams can sell inventory for over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) content, live events, as well as IAB-standard video units for mobile and in-stream display across the entire array of sales channels, including direct-sold, private marketplaces (PMPs), open marketplaces and private deals. 
In addition, the new version of Ooyala Pulse also enables support for seamless automated guaranteed transactions. This sales method automates the sale of direct-sold or reserved inventory for which a price has been previously agreed between a buyer and seller. This process has traditionally been handled manually; automation drives greater efficiency across ad ops. 
Drive revenue with analytics and more powerful campaign forecasting
To help optimize cross-channel selling, Ooyala Pulse provides real-time analytics and inventory simulations to aid ad sales decisions, helping ad ops teams structure sales efforts and understand potential revenue outcomes with varying inventory allocations through algorithmic-based forecasting, empowering teams to more confidently know when it’s more lucrative to sell direct, programmatically or a mixture of both. 
As a result, sales teams can more easily identify opportunities and streamline the sales process with greater transparency and communication. This reduces confusion about inventory availability and pricing details as well as minimizes the risk of brand clashing throughout campaigns, while concurrently making ad decisioning more informed, strategic and unbiased.
Once inventory is sold, ad ops teams can actively monitor the success and performance of campaigns, making immediate updates to certain inventory by drawing insights from the real-time dashboard in Ooyala Pulse. The dashboard is also where customers can track the success of current or upcoming campaigns with its algorithm-based simulation forecasting, providing insights into campaign performance for smarter planning. Whether campaigns are active or complete, ad ops teams can produce on-the-fly custom reports for its buyers, for active and completed campaigns, that drill down into specific goals and metrics their clients care about most. 
“Our customers recognize that programmatic should not be an add-on to direct sales, but an integral part of core ad operations. It is where the market is headed, and Ooyala is ahead of the curve,” said Ooyala General Manager of Ad Platforms, Scott Braley. “Now as a holistic platform supporting simultaneous direct and programmatic ad decisioning, Ooyala Pulse gives our customers the visibility and cross-channel decisioning they need to execute much more effective and lucrative team-wide selling strategies.” 
The new holistic version of Ooyala Pulse is an integral part of Ooyala’s comprehensive set of technologies designed to solve the largest challenges in online broadcasting today. Those offerings encompass video production, publishing, measurement and monetization. With rich analytics underpinning each product line, customer benefits scale significantly when multiple products are deployed together. When coupled with Ooyala’s video publishing and analytics offerings, Ooyala Pulse enables even greater ad targeting and revenue optimization resulting from a deeper understanding of content, ads and data. 
Customers can optimize ad targeting by understanding audience engagement for every asset, using real-time video analytics from Ooyala IQ; and can significantly increase available ad inventory with Ooyala Discovery, its content recommendation technology that is proven in market to increase ad revenue.
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Ooyala helps deliver content that connects. A US-based subsidiary of global telecommunications and IT services company Telstra, Ooyala's comprehensive suite of offerings includes one of the world's largest premium video platforms, a leading ad serving and programmatic platform and media logistics solution to improve video production workflows. 
Built with superior analytics capabilities for advanced business intelligence and a strong commitment to customers’ success, Ooyala's industry-leading end-to-end solutions help large-scale broadcasters, operators, media companies, enterprises and brands build more engaged and more profitable audiences, and monetize video and TV with personalized, interactive experiences across any screen.
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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Ooyala has offices in Chennai, Cologne, Dallas, Guadalajara, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Tokyo, and sales operations in many other countries across the globe. For more information, visit www.ooyala.com.
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