Ooyala Bolsters Ad Monetization for Live-Video Streams with New Server-Side Ad Insertion

18 July 2016
SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- (July 18, 2016) -- Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary and a leading global innovator in premium video publishing, production workflow, analytics and monetization, now offers live server-side ad insertion (SSAI) for broadcasters and media companies distributing live, ad-supported video. A part of Ooyala Live and its ad-serving platform, Ooyala Pulse, the technology provides smooth transitions between ads and content during live feeds for seamless, TV-like playback. SSAI helps circumvent ad blockers so customers can reclaim lost revenue. Unique to Ooyala’s SSAI technology is its focus and method to deliver hyper-personalized ad experiences to live-streaming audiences. 
Ad-Blocking Solution
Ooyala’s SSAI technology allows publishers and advertisers to merge programming and personalized advertisements together into a single video stream. As a result, the video content and advertising play continuously, eliminating any buffer time or latency between the content and ads. There is also no distinction between where the content ends and the ads begin, therefore it prevents video advertising from being blocked. 
This is now Ooyala’s second proprietary solution to circumvent ad blockers in addition to Ooyala Unlock, its widely deployed anti-ad blocking technology for premium content providers using client-side ad delivery.
Enhanced Personalization
Ooyala’s live SSAI technology personalizes every ad, for every user, on any device - every time, regardless if the user is watching live or catching up in DVR mode. The most relevant ad is delivered based upon the individual’s watching environment. Ooyala’s unique approach calculates numerous data points including device type, location, IP, content watched, user interest, time of day, browser and operating system, as well as demographic data through data-management platform (DMP) integrations. It also applies frequency capping, preventing viewers from being delivered the same ad over and over again.
Now, with Ooyala Pulse, premium publishers and broadcasters can deliver personalized advertising and track campaign success with ad-impression reporting on either the server side or client side. 
Advertising Flexibility With Ooyala Live
Ooyala Live gives broadcasters and media companies full control over their live stream and ad experience. Customers can set their ad-monetized stream to auto detect ad markers, dictating when the stream needs to cut to an ad break and back again or manually manage the process due to unforeseen events such as power outages, a delay of game or injuries, which require more frequent ad breaks to fill air time. Ooyala Live also allows customers to insert slates into ad breaks when the length of ads may not match the length of an ad break, ensuring no airtime is misused or delivered without content.
“There’s no question that live video is booming. Server-side ad insertion is a critical and necessary component for the future of its growth,” said Ooyala Senior Director of Global Product Management, Jonas Flodh. “Today’s viewers expect true, TV-like experiences whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or connected TV. With Ooyala, customers can now deploy, track and monetize live content all through a single and simple-to-use platform.”
More Information
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